Best Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat is a well known casino game that began to receive a fairly large amount of popularity a couple of years ago, mostly in Asia. Though not it is played by all kinds of players and across the world – in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, in Europe, Australia or Macau. Baccarat is most popular among the highest of high-rollers. These are people who are a part of the highest tier of businessman and entrepreneurship most of the time and they gamble for millions.

So we have figured out the fact that the game of Baccarat is played by those who like to gamble for high stakes, commonly referred to as ”high-rollers” within the gambling world. Though, you don’t actually have to travel abroad in order to play Baccarat, since that is now offered by pretty much any online casino site, such as VegasParadise, JackpotParadise or JackpotCity. I honestly don’t think there are all that many casinos NOT offering this game as a part of their offerings.

Top Baccarat Sites

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How To Play?

Playing Baccarat couldn’t be more easy, since the whole workload is completely done by the dealer. All that needs to be done by the players side is making the wager and following the gameplay. Lets take a look at everything that the game of Baccarat involves. It’s really a simple card comparing game, where two sides are battling against each other, but with a very significant difference compared to BlackJack. These two sides, the Player and the Banker, aren’t actually referring to the actual pool of players that is playing against the casino. You are free to place a wager on any of these two, as well as one other potential outcome. Here are the bet types that you can potentially make:

  • The Player – a wager on the player side to get a hand with higher point score dealt. Pays out at even money odds of 1 to 1.
  • The Banker – a wager on the banker side to get a hand with higher point score value dealt. Pays out at even money odds with a 5% commission – 0.95 to 1.
  • A Tie – a wager on both sides to receive an equally valued hand. Pays out at 7 to 1.

So these are three wager types that you can bet on in Baccarat before any cards are dealt. Though, you are still unaware on how hand values are calculated right? You will be able to play even without knowing this though, since the dealer will always keep you informed about it throughout the game, but for obvious reasons, it’s always great to have some awareness for security purposes.

Hand valuation in baccarat is somewhat similar to the one in other casino card games, such as BlackJack, but also is different at the same time. So to calculate what your hand is worth in Baccarat, simply sum the values of each particular card, that are as follows:

  • Deuces to Tens – face value.
  • All face cards – 0 points
  • Aces – 1 point

So in order to determine the point value of a single hand, simply sum the value of each card and take the rightmost number into account. Lets take a look at an example where you get two nines dealt. What is the value of your hand? No, it’s not really 18, since the highest possible value in the game is 9 points. The value of two nines is 8 points, since the sum is 18 points and you only should take the rightmost digit into account. That was easy right? So is playing this game!

There also are pretty complicated drawing rules, but you definitely don’t need to learn these, regardless of whether you are looking to play in an online or land based gambling environment. Either the dealer or software will be programmed and aware of these and will follow them at all times!

Best Casinos for Playing Online Baccarat

Get into action by playing Baccarat online, but remember that you’ll need to join an online casino in order to get this done! It couldn’t be much simpler, though, since all the workload will be done by the casino software. Simply decide where you would like to place your wager on and that’s about it! The rest, including applying drawing rules and paying out will be done by the casino software! Though, I did not give advice in regards to where you could potentially play, right? I did not indeed, but here’s some sound advice: is an amazing gambling site with great game variety, bonuses, customer support and what makes them my favorites – very quick withdrawals. You can get a withdrawal as quickly as within a few  hours from the moment you’ve made a deposit! In terms of games, Baccarat games developed by MicroGaming, Thunderkick and NYX are all offered, including a Microgaming powered live dealer variation. Join now and claim a $200 welcome bonus and try one of the best casinos online!

Jackpot Paradise Casino is a great option and alternative if you aren’t a fan of offerings from VegasParadise for whatever reason. These ”guys” offer also MicroGaming, NYX powered casino games and have loads to offer, including their many jackpots and land based live dealer studio, which also allows them to offer live dealer Baccarat. Regular games of theirs, including online Baccarat, include a couple of game types and variations that should greatly fit exactly what you’re looking for. Join now and claim a VIP opening bonus, all the way up to $200!

Live Baccarat


This will be a small introduction towards live casinos and Baccarat offered by them. The live dealer technology is what allows brick & mortar gambling experience be brought to personal computers and lately even mobile phones and tablets. HD cameras are set up along with tables and dealers, just like in a regular playing environment. The only difference here is that none is sitting at the tables and playing, but instead dealers are captured and streamed to online players, who can join tables as well as play the games offered directly from their portable devices! It’s a truly extraordinary experience! Try it out at either of the two casinos I have presented you with above!