Best Online BlackJack Casinos

BlackJack aka Twenty-One is a very popular casino card game that is offered and played in most brick & mortar as well as online casinos. It’s a game that is exciting, yet simple to learn that kind of makes a perfect pairing and. There are numerous movies and scenes of these made featuring the game of BlackJack being played. If you’re a little bit more heavily vested in the gambling industry, you will probably also know of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This university used to have a team of professional players of this game, as it is indeed solvable, who took several million dollars out of Las Vegas! Since the first online casinos launched, exactly in 1994, it has been possible to play the game on the internet for real money! Though, card counting isn’t really possible anymore due to the card decks being reshuffled after every hand.

Best Online Blackjack

If you are unaware of how to play BlackJack please refer to the section below, where I’ll explicitly teach you various aspects and things about the game. This will include a complete newbie guide with the actual way gameplay occurs and values of the hands along with something a little bit more advanced. I won’t be able to teach you how to beat casinos out of millions though, if that is what you’re after.

How To Divide Good Casinos From Bad Ones?

There are certain metrics that you can use in order to find great BlackJack casinos and actually figure out whether a casino is good for joining & making a deposit or not. The main part or function of your brain you’ll have to use is common sense, which will come as a great help for finding the best casinos online for any game or its type.

So finding good casinos for playing BlackJack online. That doesn’t sound all that complicated, isn’t it? Well, it’s real simple, if you have all the things to look for that I’ve actually listed below.

Excellent Reputation – the MOST important aspect in any online or land based casino and nothing really comes close to it. Reputation and track record is exactly what will allow you to determine whether a casino is safe, secure and after all, a great one to play at.

Quick Payments & Many Banking Methods – a casino that’s paying quick is an indication of great liquidity of the company operating or owning it. They aren’t in need of holding your funds for a period ”x”, just to cover other players withdrawals and so on. Vice versa, if a casino is making you wait for several days or limiting you to withdrawing a certain amount per week, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t bother to play the games offered by a company alike.

Great Game Variety – you might think that since you’re looking to play BlackJack, game variety is not important at all. Well, that’s not exactly the case because this game actually features several hundred variations offered. Of course, there are some of them that are considered as ”standard” or normal ones, but nothing is set in stone. I know for a fact that MicroGaming powered casino have over 20 variations of BlackJack offered.

Bonuses – BlackJack is a game of very low house edge and, as said below, it’s actually a solvable game that has been solved it past. There’s a perfect strategy developed with no card counting involved too, when it’s applied the house edge is a tiny 0.5%. For this reason exactly, casinos are usually not all that keen to offer bonuses, as when played optimally, it would lead to players being put in an advantage.

Which Are The Best BlackJack Casinos?

I’ve mentioned MicroGaming a few times in this article and that’s actually a company that have developed the best online BlackJack games in the industry. Thus, having that said, we can kind of determine that the best casino sites for playing BlackJack online will be those that’ll offer games developed by exactly this company. Luckily, MG empowers around 75 gambling sites at the moment so you won’t feel the shortage of these.

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Jackpot City is one of my personal favorite and to give out my subjective point of view, the best MicroGaming powered online casino. The brand was established in 1997 and since then has turned into a major ‘player’ in the online casino industry. Since they are like 74 other brands with the same games, what does make them unique? Well, for one, they cater to players needs and offer them support via methods that are far from ordinary, such as BBM, iMessage, the new hit in IM industry known as WhatsApp as well as many others. To top that, they also treat players with incredibly generous welcome bonuses and other promotions, which is sort of unusual for MicroGaming powered casino.

Lucky Nugget Casino is a really close follower, also powered by MicroGaming and offering countless BlackJack variations, over 20 to be more specific. Lucky Nugget Casino is among the most reputable casinos within the industry and one that I would consider as a safe online gambling site. They’ve been in the industry since 1998 that would amount to 15 years of successful work in the industry. Even more, they claim to have over 4 million registered players, which is simply huge.

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How To Play BlackJack?

This is not a question that can potentially be answered in a single article, but I will try to do my best. Take this as a short introduction to the great game of BlackJack, also often referred to as 21.

Fact is that BlackJack is a card comparing game where two sides are always competing – dealer representing the casino side and you as a players or various players, who are trying to beat ”the house”. Note that each player is playing for himself and the game does not play like Baccarat, where one side represents all players. You and only you will have an impact on the outcome of the BlackJack hands played.

Main objective and your goal when playing is to reach a higher hand value than the dealer. The higher possible hand value is 21, which should be what you’re going for in hindsight, but there are times when you’ll have to use common sense and stand on low point scores, such as 13 or 14. How come? Well, often the likelihood of you and the dealer going bust will be way higher than the potential chance of hitting a certain card, which is why you can avoid taking any additional cards.

Cards are valued in a standard way, but if you’ve got no idea about this way, here it is:

  • All Aces are worth 1 or 11 points
  • Face Cards are worth 10 points
  • Numbered Cards are worth their face value. For example, a nine would be worth 9 points while a seven would account for seven points.

As outlined before, the highest potential point score in the game is 21, albeit there are two ways to achieve in and that changes things drastically. One of the ways is by getting to 21 with more than 2 cards, which doesn’t have any impact on payouts or actual hand strength. The other way? That’s to get a natural hand of ”BlackJack” dealt! This hand is of a higher rank than simple point score of ”21” with more than 2 cards and that is also shown with improved payout odds that I will get onto in a bit.


Regardless of whether you play in an online or land based casino environment, main rules of gameplay will remain the same. You see, BlackJack is kind of divided into rounds of play – hands. Players are free to participate in any hand they please, but once the first card is dealt, no additional players are allowed to chime in and join the game. So the first thing to do is make a wager that is usually placed on a square shaped betting box. Once all players who wish to participate in the game have placed their wagers, cards are dealt on basis of 1 by 1, starting from the rightmost side. The dealer also gets a single card for himself, but sometimes 2, depending on the type of this game you play.

Now the real part of the game starts. Once you’ve got 2 cards dealt, unless you have a natural hand dealt, you will face a choice right away from the following options:

Hit – take another card.

Stand – do not take another card and move the gameplay forward to the next participating hand or player.

Split – are the two initial cards you’ve been dealt of same value? If that is the case, you can split them and play each as a separate hand.

Double – increase your initial wager 2 times and take only 1 additional card. Note that some BlackJack variations will only allow you to double with a point score of either 10 or 11.

Surrender – the ability to do this completely depends on the BlackJack game type you actually end up playing. If allowed, Surrender feature allows you to recoup half of your initial wager and send your hand to the muck, be done with playing it, in other words.

Once you have drawn cards to your own hand, dealer proceeds with drawing cards to his own hand. There’s a simple rule he follows when doing so – he draws cards until he has at least 17, but when that rule is achieved, he stops drawing additional cards, even if all players involved hold hands of higher value. In some specific types of the game, dealer will also draw when he has soft 17 (this point score achieved with an ace in his hand.

Natural Hands – BlackJack’s

pict5I already mentioned it a couple of times, but the best possible hand in BlackJack is one that is made up by only two cards – an ace and a face card or a ten. This is also referred to as BlackJack and is considered as a higher valued hand than any other in the game. It also qualifies for an improved monetary payout at 3 to 2 odds, whereas normal, standard payout is paid at even money odds.

To clear any potential confusion, there is no hand better than a natural one in BlackJack. It beats a point score of 21 achieved with more than 2 cards too. The only way you can ”avoid” winning, when a natural hand is dealt to you is when dealer also gets it, when it is considered as a ”push”. If this is the case, you neither lose or win!

Even Money & Insurance

I want you to picture this – you get a natural hand of BlackJack dealt, which means an improved payout at 3 to 2 odds, but the dealer also has an ace, as his first card dealt. This means only one thing – chances of him getting a natural hand dealt are also rather high. When this is the case and he actually gets BlackJack, instead of a juicy payout, you will get nothing and the hand will be considered as ”pushed”. Though, there is another way to go here – even money payout. Dealer will always ask whether you would like an even money payout, which means a payout of 1 to 1 odds and the hand is over right there! Alternatively, you can wait and check if dealer actually hits BlackJack. If not, get paid at 3 to 2 odds!

Insurance, on the other hand, is something completely different. When dealer has an ace as his first card, you can insure yourself against him hitting a natural hand, BlackJack that is. To do this, simply put up to half of your initial wager right next to it. You can also keep playing your hand as usual, either hit, stand or whatever else you would like to do, apart from surrender, which is permitted.

The Sum Up

BlackJack is one of the simplest casino card games and a great way for having fun in an exciting gambling environment. It’s usually played by multiple players, so there’s also a chance to socialize a fair bit. What I love most about this game, apart from getting BlackJack and winning money, is the low house edge. When you play by following the optimal strategy, your expected value is only a tiny bit negative – 0.05%, given that you play a classic type of the game.