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Best UK Online CasinosThe UK ensures that social and business activities carried out within her borders are within a regulated framework, so as to minimize conflict and prevent encroaching on other people’s rights. Gambling in the UK is answerable to the Gambling Commission. The agency acts on behalf to the UK government’s Department Of Culture, Media And Sport. The agency was established under an act of parliament, i.e. The Gambling Act of 2005.The act is the one credited with reigning in the internet dimension of gambling. The online gambling platform has grown in leaps and bounds and certainly needed some form of regulation in order to protect the various groups affected directly or indirectly by gambling activities.

Best UK Online Casinos:

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Where Gambling Takes Place

The UK, like other countries around the world, has seen technological changes radically change social, political and economic activities of its people over the past few years. The internet has therefore become an integral part of people’s daily endeavors. The gambling fraternity has also joined the fray. The occupation has been availed on online platforms too. Traditionally, gambling required players to physically visit the various gaming houses usually located in city and town places. Casinos attracted relatively less public attention than they do today. Indeed, they have also evolved. One can choose to enjoy their favorite game in the comfort of their residence, thanks to the advent of online gambling. Yet, still, the emergence of online gambling has not deterred the traditional casino enthusiasts from frequenting their favorite casino joints downtown. There is still a common line among two platforms of gaming. The games remain largely the same, save for a little innovation and modification in the online versions of games.

Differences between the Various Online Casinos

Although casinos have many commonalities between them, there are some subtle elements that separate one fro the other. It is these difference that makes the difference between popular casinos and the less popular ones. The differences also determine the type of clientele a casino is likely to attract. Games, both the experienced ones seek a casino house that offers them maximum enjoyment, even as they play to make money. Online casinos have fundamentally changed traditional gambling. Gambling has been taken a notch higher in terms of security and the types of bets. Moreover, traditional concerns about the security in gambling places have also been addressed in various ways.

Bonus Casinos

Bonuses have become almost a common denominator among gambling firms. Many gambling sites offer their clients bonuses of various amounts and combos. Some gambling sites offer unbelievably high amounts of bonuses for the first time players. Others extend such bonuses to their regular players. Such marketing antics have often influenced traffic. The bonuses often come with a catch though; you are required to submit your credit card or other financial information upon registration. The gambling firms certainly know how to make sure that their bills are paid. The common trend requires players to unlock the bonuses with an initial bet.

No bonus casinos

There are yet other casinos which offer little or no bonuses. Gambling houses differ in both age and experience. The age of a gambling house refers to the period it has remained in operation since inception. Owing to the fact that gambling is a habitual activity, some experienced gaming houses have retained their clients for many years. Such established gaming houses do not find use in offering bonuses to woo more clients. They thrive on their positive reputation. The major part of marketing of such established gaming houses is done by the existing clients.

Forms of payments

Gamers are influenced by the payment medium, and mechanisms that effect payment transactions. Online platforms strive to make their transactions fluid and seamless. Gamers will definitely prefer gaming houses that offer payment via their preferred methods of payments. You can tell the forms of payment a gambling site support by looking at the available payment methods section of each site. Many sites list such payment methods as visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal and others. The methods of payment available on a site will definitely influence who comes to gamble at a given site.

Live Betting

Many gamblers like to bet on current events. The most popular casinos are those which strive to cover major sports events happening within their communities and around the world. Betting on sports has emerged as a major betting attraction for many gamblers around the world.

Forms of Gambling

Bingo was made popularized among the armed forces personal during the Second World War. It was introduced in Britain by the war returnees at the end of the war. The initial bingo halls were only allowed to operate as members only clubs. Bingo has changed over time and now operates on similar legal footing as Casinos.


Hackers and phishers have recently discovered that they can access the public’s personal information vial online gambling sites. Gamblers have consequently become alarmed. Consequently, gamblers only want to visit sites where they can be reassured of their privacy and protection from illegal access to their accounts.

The Top Three UK Online Casinos You Can’t Afford To Miss

Vegas Paradise

Vegas Paradise Best Casino no1  If you have an appetite for astounding online casinos & bonuses, then visit Vegas Paradise casino. They offer you a 100% up to £200 welcome bonus once you sign up with them, and also weekly bonuses. The Casino is known for being one of the best online casinos. There are over 400 casino games to choose from on The graphics on VegasParadise are outstanding, and serve to attract lots of gamers to the site. VegasParadise offers you free no download software to enjoy their games, you can play on desktop, all smartphone and any tablets. is fully UK licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and safe plus secure. You can try the casino at


Casino BetwayThe casino offers unique service that ensures that clients keep going back. It is one of the few casinos which offer real time customer support platforms. Your issues can be resolved using various avenues availed on the platform.Betway Casino offers you a chance to experience state of the art equipment and efficient software. Betway also presents you with custom made cookies which when downloaded, increase your enjoyment of your gaming on the site. The cookies are secure and pose no risk of compromising your personal information. You get to enjoy a wide variety of games at Betway.They include sports betting, Casino Bingo and Poker.

Guts Casino

casino-gutsAlthough Guts casino is a relatively new gaming site, it has splashed a lot of attractive features and games that gamblers find irresistible. The platform is powered with games from NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming and Betsoft. In addition , the site offers a welcome bonus of three hundred Euros plus 100 free spins on the Starburst video slot. It never gets better with Guts casino on your radar.