Prepare to Be Amazed by Blueprint’s King Kong Cash Slot

king-kong-cash-html-2x2-90a0a6c1It does not happen that often that an unofficial and unlicensed slot game get us this hyped as it was the case with King Kong Cash by Blueprint.

What this UK game development company did with this slot title is rarely seen in the industry.

On the look of it there is nothing special about this game.

But knowing that deep inside the 4×3 reel grid and 20 paylines are hidden as many as ten quite engaging bonus feature is one hell of a surprise for all unsuspecting gamers.

What We Love

First and foremost – before we dwell into the abundance of features – we need to take a moment and tell you a thing or two about the payouts.

The base game is quite rewarding itself and there is no rush to head into the bonus mode to get a good payout as you can hope to land a 500x your bet prizes which is pretty amazing.

Still, knowing that there is double the prize of 1,000x multiplier in store once you head into the special features, $500,000 is something worth fighting for and we have no doubt that you will all enjoy hunting that illusive top prize.


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We must admit to being taken by a huge surprise with Blueprint’s King Kong Cash slot. We expected a funny-looking game of innocent fun and enjoyment, but it ended up being perhaps even more than we can handle. Why is that, you might ask? Well, it is because of the ten – and yes 10 – bonus modes available in this slot.

Base game is filled with five engaging features which will randomly add some goodies to your reels to help you win big in addition to put a wide smile on your face with great visuals.

In addition, nailing three or more Bonus symbols will take you inside the five-mode escalating deal with King Kong going up the reels and up all of the different levels to have you collect prizes worth 1,000 your bet.

Each time you land a win and finish a feature inside this crazy whirlwind of activity the game will present you with a gamble feature during which you can bet on and claim your previous winnings to end the bonus game and return to your reels which is quite a nice option to have available.

What We Do Not Like

We normally aren’t that big of fans of the unofficial and slot games. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against the original content, in fact we are quite supportive when it comes to creating a story of your own, but when developers do decide to deal with a well-known theme is usually ends in disaster.

Luckily, that isn’t the case with King Kong Cash which indeed is an unlicensed version of that famous beast, but it has more than enough visually original features that the only similarity to the original concept is the name. And perhaps an involvement of the Empire State building, and that is it.

King Kong Cash does have a major issue and it deals with the game’s affordability. Available at as little as $0.20, the game is quite accessible, but it can be a quite disturbing to know that you will need to fork out as much as $500 to get eligible to win the maximum payout.

Investing this amount of money is a great risk, but not that any of the high rollers will be worried about it.

Worth Playing

Simply put – definitely! This game has managed to win over us completely.

Starting from the original concept built around a vintage, world-famous theme and moving on through the impressive visuals, we come to the fact that this slot’s gameplay consists of not one, not two, not even five but massive ten bonus features which are simple too good and too many to miss.

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T&C Apply 18+

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